Blog with useful information for Oracle DBAs , Oracle DBM , Infrastructure Admin etc. Information about Oracle DBs , Oracle EM, Cloud , Exadata , Sun Cluster , Golden Gate and etc.

Cloud: Backup DatabaseUsing Oracle Cloud
Engineered Systems: ODA Exadata
Admin: StorageReplicationPerformancePartitioningSecurityTools
Scripts: GeneralLockShell Script
Backup & Recovery: RMAN Recovery OptionsFlashback Multitenant
Multitenant: Admin
Golden Gate: InstallConfiguration


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Useful Links:
Oracle Exadata OVM – Best Practices
Oracle 12c Performance Hints
Session Catalog for OOW 2018
Everything about Oracle Database 12c (Very Good Scripts)

ODA – 12.1.2 and 2.X Supported ODA Versions & Known Issues [888888.1]
Collecting Diagnostic information for RCA in the Corruption area [435731.1]

Installation – Oracle Grid/RAC on Oracle Linux 7 [1951613.1]

Index of Oracle Database Information Centers [1568043.2]

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